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How To Choose A Suitable Wedding Location In Sydney – Tips From A Christian Wedding Celebrant 

Now that you are getting married, you have to decide where you want to hold one of the most important occasions in your life. Here are some guidelines, coming from an experienced Christian wedding celebrant in Sydney, for choosing your wedding venue.

Decide the Type of Place you Want to Get Married in

Where do you want to get married? Christian weddings are traditionally celebrated inside a church. However, customs and traditions are also dictated by the religious beliefs of both the bride and groom or their family. It is best to decide ahead of time if you want to get married in a church, in a hall, country club, or somewhere else entirely.

Check the Availability of The Place

One of the first and most important items you should place in your wedding checklist is the availability of the venue. Once you have decided on the site, check with the management if it is available on the day you want it. This will give you more time to choose an alternative location if the day has already been reserved.

Theme and Venue Directly Influence Each Other

So, which should come first, the wedding venue or the theme? This is actually somewhat of a chicken or egg question. You can actually start with either because the choice of one will definitely influence the other. For example, it would be difficult to hold a Hawaiian themed event if you are planning for Christian wedding services inside a Sydney church. In the same manner, you cannot really choose a very formal theme if the chosen venue is a beach resort.

Try to get the feel of the venue. There are places that just get through to you even if you have visited it for the first time. It is important to trust your instinct when choosing any location. If you have doubts about the place then it is often better to go somewhere else.

Plan your Wedding Based on Your Budget

How much do you intend to spend for your wedding location? This can somehow influence your choice of the site because if you cannot afford it then it is futile to force the issue and make yourselves miserable. Try to remember that there are other places that can be equally as memorable but which do not cost an arm and a leg. Is there sufficient parking at your chosen place? This can seem very trivial but a lot of brides, grooms and attendant have been late just because of parking space problems. If most of your guests are bringing their own cars then parking may just be a very important factor to consider.


Once you have decided on a location, make sure that your reservation, as well as the terms of the agreement, has been put into writing and signed by both parties. This will ensure that there will be no hitches a few days before the wedding or even on the day itself just because an inept person failed to take note of your reservation. You could talk to your Christian wedding celebrant in Sydney to help you with your venue. They can help you with a wide set of venue list that could easily make things easier for you.

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