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Tips From A Marriage Celebrant: The Art Of Wedding Public Speaking!

February 11, 2020 by Joe Rogers0

Tips From A Marriage Celebrant

The Art Of Wedding Public Speaking!

The job of an effective speaker is to apply a variety of techniques to ensure that the audiences stay focused, involved and entertained. Let us look at a number of techniques you can draw on to keep audience members involved in your presentation.

Ice-breakers and exercises to implement

If you want to provide a quality wedding speech, you need to loosen up the audience and have each member talk to each other. Here are some variations in exercises that you can apply and that includes:

Some prolific speakers including a professional marriage celebrant in Sydney ask every guest present in the room to stand, introduce themselves and exchange information with each other such as:

  • The reason they have come here,
  • Share an unusual hobby,
  • Their education
  • Place of birth and so on

The underlying goal of such activities is such as making the audiences loosen up and become more vocal and involved with the speech proceedings.

You have to be yourself but the audience needs to be involved

If someone is putting an act, the audience has the power to immediately detect it. There is a saying that “who you are speaks loudly through your postures and expressions”. If you are pretending to be someone else, it would reflect upon your posture as everything would seem forced or unnatural. The group in Infront of you would feel uneasy.

So, how does a marriage celebrant work themselves out of such dilemma? Instead of asking for audience approval, work to offer your approval to them. Appreciate their presence, patience and the perfect audience that they are portraying themselves to be.

Use Names to Connect with Audiences

In any type of speech setting, it is practical to use the names of audience members. In some settings where you are able to read the name tags or place cards, you can freely use names throughout your presentation. Besides keeping people alert and awake, you also increase the odds of them staying tuned in to your presentation. Think about the times when you were in school and your teacher dropped your name into the middle of a sentence. Thereafter, you approached that lesson on a different plane. It is no different with adults today.

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